... your secret training weapon

  • Build powerful muscles and use them to their full potential
  • Water & performance scores are all you need here
  • The correct seat-height & pedal system for you is critical
  • Ridewiser audio, video, props and tasks stimulate brain & body to keep you optimally motivated
  • Fixed-wheel drive-train to maximise power gains at all cadences
  • Wind-force resistance creates a cycling simulator
  • No helmet or even hair is required

Ridewiser’s Fixed-wheel Ergo Machine

Q. What’s makes Ridewiser Ergo cycling so good?

Ridewiser Ergo training is actually better than my road training! Ben Welsh, Triathlete, Frontier Mktg Company, St Kilda

What it feels like to ride the Ridewiser Ergo Machine…

• a fixed-wheel track bike in a tailwind!
• generating change in my whole pedal-stroke, all the way round
• “wow, there is nothing else like this…”
• the Ridewiser Ergo simulates a real road-cycling feeling!
• constant resistance, but it gets harder as I get stronger

Fitness Development
As you get fitter, you can then get faster and stronger – the Ridewiser Ergo matches you and loads you harder at every fitness level.
Ultimately providing the rider with a perfect training partner, the real experience of working in the wind is simulated but without the interference of weather, traffic and stopping. The Ridewiser Ergo develops fitness at all cadences needed by road-riders because you must adapt to varying RPM’s all of the time throughout sessions!

Pedaling–stroke Efficiency
With fixed-wheel riding, as with track-cycling, the fundamental brain-to-body neuromuscular connections are always improving – the pathways that form coordination and efficiency of how you pedal a bike! More simply put, the benefits of using a fixed-wheel cycling workout are extremely difficult to replicate on the road. This is actually nothing new, it’s just that the old tradition of using fixed-wheel cycling training has been dropped over the recent decades by modern cycling culture over-utilising the luxury of fancily geared bicycles. Most current day cyclists have never learned how to pedal properly. Sounds like a trick? It is, and you should know how to do it.

Simulation of Road Cycling
Yes. Ridewiser Ergo Machines create a very real, cadence-focused, physically challenging, mentally stimulating cycling training experience. When all of this is properly achieved using a structured Ridewiser Ergo session – it is unlike all other indoor riding workouts. Through a carefully designed but very simple mechanism, this device (secret weapon?) produces a naturally progressing resistance to correspond with your output ability level – one that changes with you as you get more powerful.

You will invariably look forward to each session as you suddenly begin to increase power output, at a range of cadences, and master your cycling passion – thanks to the ingenious advantages of the Ridewiser Ergo Machine.

Rob Crowe OAM
Ridewiser Director