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How to Optimise Your Cycling Hours in Lockdown

7th August 2020

By Rob Crowe O.A.M. I was jokingly referred to as the ‘Candy-man’ during my retiring local club-racing era (circa 2011). It’s just that, I often was that guy on the front, driving the pack into the wind at solid 50kph+ speeds over the final race laps. People thought I was working hard to demolish the […]

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Your Own In-house Weather System

17th July 2020

Ridewiser Depression Blog no.1 Lining up before performing well in poor weather to win the 1993 Victorian Road Cycling titles next to a key team-mate and major opponent. We do not see things AS THEY ARE. We see things AS WE ARE.              Anais Nin I never realised how true and insightful this little saying […]

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Mind for Mountains: Somatosensory Mindset

14th February 2020

Key Concepts: Self-focused application, growth opportunity mindset, outer world perception versus inner world experience, patience learned through bodily sensations. Reader’s Note: Allow 10-15mins reading time for this content rich article with multiple stories. As I see a mountain roadway approaching, I physically look at the bitumen strip turning upwards, but only as a cue to switch […]

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Vale ‘Horse’ Kieran Modra

18th November 2019

Amazingly athletic, vision-impaired, Paralympic cyclist, Kieran Modra asked me (his ‘hired gun’ for the day) would I ride an honour lap of the Athens Olympic velodrome, but with him on the front instead. We had just conquered a most extraordinary journey to winning Gold moments before, in the men’s B1 4000meter tandem pursuit final, and set […]

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‘Ride the Paint’ – Advantage Mindset

17th October 2019

Ridewiser MindFitness Article # 1 Do you want to create as good an outcome as you can in your situation?This is not quite the same as ‘seeing the glass half full rather then half empty’. It’s more like ‘wearing opportunity goggles’ and using them to seek out every possible ‘plus factor’ you can find and […]

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Predisposition or Persistence?

22nd July 2018

She actually said it 20 years too late, but still amazed me beyond comprehension, “you know that you don’t need to be a preacher Robert, don’t you?”. Aged 99 years, my Grandmother Thomasina Crowe still spoke very clearly while very old and frail with transparent skin and only weeks left in her life here, she […]

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How to Train Your Cycling Strength

29th May 2018

Load your muscles. The answer to getting stronger is actually as simple as that, load your muscle up on bigger gears, do more headwind riding, add hills and reap the benefits of gravity as the loading resistance effect. Hell, even some eccentric techniques will add strength not recommended for problematic side-effects but you could ride around […]

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A Merida Moment…

8th March 2018

You will not be forgiven for thinking the MERIDA Bahrain TEAM REACTO is just another bike. It is outstanding to look at, and sleek in design with interesting shapes, colours and lines, and then there is its pure speed capabilites.   Given the competitive line-up of high-end fast-looking new road bikes on the cycling scene nowadays, this […]

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Ridewiser Rider of the Year 2017

28th February 2018

“I was struck from behind by a car that lost control, ended up under the car severely injured and screaming.”   Congratulations to Michelle who was awarded: Ridewiser Rider of the Year 2017.  Michelle originally participated in Ridewiser Ergo training sessions over 10 years ago and has recently returned to Tuesday night classes. She has […]

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Kelly tough.

19th February 2018

In the race finishes, no matter how scary and fast the field was going, there would be this firmly set jaw-line and an uncanny, razor-sharp look in his eyes that appeared when he was presented with a challenge. It was the same for a chequered flag, a puzzling party-trick or a confronting social situation; I was […]

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