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Accumulative Loading Fatigue

17th July 2017

­Suddenly, after a few weeks going really well, I’ve just lost all my good cycling form!?   Exhausted, tight, depleted, sore and feeling slow with deep muscle fatigue. Just when i thought my cycling form was aligning for some top outputs, instead its actually time to rest and re-condition my motor. I’ve spent my best form […]

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How to Train for a Gran Fondo… Step 1

5th July 2017

Step 1 of 5 training series by Rob Crowe O.A.M. ‘The Wiser Rider’   Tip-top cycling form takes me over each climb like a tail-wind whilst the bitumen races underneath because my competence outweighs the demands of the day. With a further 80kms of mountain course time-trialing to go, my engine is still cool and […]

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Ridewiser – Breathe and Feel the Power

29th February 2016

Ridewiser – Breathe and Feel the Power Ridewiser is about a balanced view of exercise – to ride physically, and mentally. However, it’s not just about riding bikes more wisely, but riding your ‘journey’ through life more wisely. You see, your health IS your greatest wealth, and getting to a point where you can truly feel […]

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Ridewiser Training Pyramid

Purple Patch

26th March 2013

Purple Patch [colloq. ~ winning streak] (1). cycling high-performance period; a.k.a. peak form, flying, on fire, bombing, untouchable); (2). any part of an athletes training program where the top form is so good that it seems unexplainable (traditionally color-highlighted in ‘purple’ on the schedule sheet). Experiencing a ‘purple patch’, as it has been called in recent decades […]

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Great Road Training Escapes

~ 24hr Escape 300 ~ Training with Ridewiser’s Rob Crowe – hard but worth it!! Monday morning 10 am, an email from Ridewiser trainer Rob Crowe says “Need2Escape? Back-pack, riding mates, tank full of gas, hit it”. Well – I’m in straight away, see I’m an addict of Ridewiser programs – rides, ergos & training […]

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