Ridewiser – Breathe and Feel the Power

29th February 2016

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Ridewiser – Breathe and Feel the Power

Ridewiser is about a balanced view of exercise – to ride physically, and mentally. However, it’s not just about riding bikes more wisely, but riding your ‘journey’ through life more wisely. You see, your health IS your greatest wealth, and getting to a point where you can truly feel the full power potential of your human engine just may be the one thing in life, perhaps the only thing, that you really have some control of.

The philosophy of life that everybody wants nowadays is mostly about having the best life experiences, the ones that stimulate mind and body together – that is, the most whole experience possible. Ridewiser’s philosophy suggests that the best way to achieve well-being is to motivate people on at least these 2 levels of physical and mental sensations.  This psychophysiological approach means that you must experience mental stimuli and a physical challenge to sew good feelings for the soul.

When you exercise properly, you must begin with the basics, every time. Breathe deeply, for the oxygenation of all your muscles (yes, all the ones that didn’t do anything today in that office chair). It is this very primary life-giving fuelling process that is ironically but not uncommonly the most under-estimated task in exercising. Breathing capacity, or the habit to deepen its flow or simply remember to focus on it, is enhanced even in its basic rehearsal each time you begin an exercise routine.

Take longer, slower, deeper breaths through the nostrils where the air can flow more thoroughly into the deeper regions of the lungs. Breathe using the diaphragm, into the stomach as well as the chest – use your bellows to fire up the big engine! Maintain a proper intake of the precious oxygen fuel for at least 2 minutes, and again when getting into the first major exertions of your session, whether it’s walking to work, doing swim laps, cruising on an endurance ride or lining up for the World Titles.


They always say ‘warm up well’. Meaning what?

It becomes clearer as you get older that it takes more and more time for the body to respond to commands from the head computer. Herein lies the importance of very good warm-ups, the older you get,  and indeed warm-downs too. There is always a task for the body to prepare for next, whether its the strain about to happen or the recovery from the climb – or even just digesting the last meal! Do not be fooled by your body, given some more time at the task, she will always go better later on into the routine – even when relatively unfit. The trick is to be patient, to persevere and wait for the magic to happen.

The human body will adapt well, changing all the time to suit increasing demands on fuel, muscle outputs and sustaining intensity, and last beyond reasonable expectations. It’s wired to work this way. The emphasis on doing proper longer warm-ups is based on the fact that that in competition you will always see an improving physiology as the blood-flow, oxygen transfer and number of muscle fibers efficiently participating will all increase with time. Just notice it; the quick 1 hour walk or play in the park is always most efficient in the final moments! So wait before going hard, play the game with your body in mind, ‘let’ the systems get underway, then BOOM!!! Let ‘em have it!


The Ridewiser Ergo machine has been designed to give you a remarkable exercising experience – indeed a cycling simulation; a demanding but lasting exertion to improve your body’s general health, deeper breathing, stress detoxification, and improving cardiovascular fitness.

Perfectly, the only way you excel is by keeping the challenges becoming harder as you get stronger, and so it is with fixed-wheel drive, natural wind-resistance force pedaling – ergometers. As you increase ability and strength and fitness, the machine can be pedaled faster, and thus produces more force back at the rider. There surely is no simpler, more productive and beneficial cycling hour than one spent working in this way.


A group of people meet; there’s a machine for each rider to board; there’s some movement around the room and then all the wheels start turning. The surge of stimuli keeps the mind alive: clocks ticking, musical sounds, teaching instructions, whirring pedals, a video display, hand-gestures and lots of facial expressions; it’s a social festivity amongst fantastic training going on beneath the noise. It’s no wonder that after a couple of good breaths, and a Ridewiser Ergo session, people say they’ve never felt so removed from a hard-working day.

Highest energy wins again!


Rob Crowe OAM – Olympian – Speaker – Ridewiser Pty Ltd

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